Speakers 2018

Program - January 16th

Japanese Gardening

Speaker - Cheryl Huber

Cheryl Huber is a 13 year Fort Bend Master Gardener who found her passions to be in landscape gardening design, Japanese gardening and shade gardening. She also enjoys music, public speaking and sharing knowledge she has gained.

We will enjoy photos of her world-wide visits to Japanes gardens and the design elements she has adopted to her home garden of dappled shade beneath her pecan trees.

Program - February 21st

Fearless Pruning of Trees and Shrubs

Speaker - Vic Rosato

Vic Rosato is a reired Geologist and has been a Master Gardener since 2005. His garden passions are: growing fruit trees, vegetables and plumerias. His program will cover the reasons for and the techinques of pruning trees and shrubs in the Houston area.

Program - March 20th

Creating an Inviting Home for Wanted Wildlife

Speaker - Carrie Sample

Carrie is a retired teacher and former SLGC President is also a Master Naturalist, Brazos Bend State Park volunteer and avid birdwatcher. She frequently does programs at schools and libraries with live animals.

Carrie will share with us her secrets for attracting creatures to her garden. Her motto is borrowed from the movie Field of Dreams: "build it and they will come".

Program - April 17th

The Challenges of Gardening in Houston

Speaker - Lenette (GIGI) Roehl - Repurposing For Your Yard

Gigi, who loves elegance in the garden, does landscaping and custom potting as well as floral design. She has been called "The Mistress of Creative Gardening" by creating gardening spaces for others. We will be treated to an array of props she will share with us to demonstrate how to repose for your yard. She believes the yard is an extension of our living space and likes to embellish it with fun and small details to create an inviting atmosphere.