2021-22 Scholarship Winners

Jared B. Linn

I am from the Dallas area; more specifically the city of Plano. I am a horticulture student attending Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas. I have a passion for understanding the natural world and what processes drive the establishment and continuation of life on earth. I am a follower of the Rabbi Yeshua of Nazareth, my faith in the messiah drives me to further understand my passion for the natural world. My main interest in the natural world are the physiological processes of plants and fungi. My hobbies include disc golf, hiking, and fellowship within the church. My goal in life is to contribute to the science of plant pathology, I plan to achieve this goal by attending a graduate school which offers programs in plant pathology.

Summer Pritchett

Horticulture is my passion, and I know that pursuing a career in this field is very beneficial to the environment. I appreciate the effort and generosity you have shown me, for it will help fuel my education.

A little about me, I am a junior at Stephen F. Austin State University. I am studying horticulture and minoring in biology with a focus on ecology. I am from Central Oklahoma and came to Nacogdoches to pursue a career in horticulture. I am passionate about native plants and their ecological traits regarding the area they are located. It is important to me to educate others about the importance of native plants, for it is a knowledge that seems unknown in recent times. My interests are related to living a sustainable and natural life. I am working on becoming more self-sufficient and less reliant on wastes and plastics. I work at the Piney Woods Native Plant Center as a student horticulture assistant. I also hold part-time employment for individuals in the Nacogdoches area, where I assist with landscaping.