The Sugar Land Garden Club supports a variety of community service projects:

The club is involved in various service projects throughout the year.  In the past year Covid restrictions have reduced or eliminated in-person participation in some of these projects but the club continued to be active in the community through various initiatives.

Arbor Day Celebration

The club has participated in the Arbor Day celebration for 34 years, typically in November (the official Texas date is the first Friday of November).  Recognition has taken various forms over the years including  donating trees to a Sugar Land Park and donating a bench to a Sugar Land Park.

Brookwood Community Volunteer Program

Our participation in the Brookwood Community Volunteer Program (aka Garden Therapy program) is an opportunity to put our gardening skills to work for the benefit of the Brookwood Community.  We never know what we will do when we get there, but it always a delightful day among the plants and sometimes among the Brookwood citizens.

Habitat for Humanity

For the past twenty years, Sugar Land Garden Club has donated garden tools, supplies and helpful pamphlets to the new owners of homes built by Habitat for Humanity volunteers in Fort Bend County.

The dedication ceremonies are attended by volunteers, donors, family members and city leaders, and Sugar Land Garden Club is proud to participate.  

While we all agree that the inside of a house is the heart of the home, Sugar Land Garden Club, through our donations, is able to help these new homeowners spread that love to the outside of the home by creating a beautiful garden.   

Brazos Bend State Park Volunteers/Brazos Bend Children's Programs

The club encourages interest in gardening at an early age through the support of the Brazos Bend State Park Children's programs.  At the present time a club member is instrumental in the development and leadership of the program.

School Gardens (funds utilized through the Fort Bend Master Gardener Program)

The club encourages interest in gardening at an early age through the support of school gardens in a program administered by the Fort Bend County Master Gardeners.